Underground Dog Fights

This “sport” is disgusting and so cruel that it makes my blood boil just thinking about it. However, rather than ignore that dogfighting does occur, I decided to research it, so that those interested in the breed can truly know what some vile criminals will do with their dogs and help stop this horrendous act. … Read moreUnderground Dog Fights

Major Diseases

Rabies – This is the most feared disease of people as it is incurable and fatal once symptoms are shown. This virus is passed from animal to animal through saliva (i.e. scratches, bites, licks on broken skin or mucous membranes). The most common transmission involving domestic pet dogs is when the dog encounters a rabid … Read moreMajor Diseases

Health Issues

Just as all dogs, pit bull breeds come with defective genes that may cause genetic or hereditary diseases. In general, the top of the list are: Deafness, chronic hip dysplasia, compulsive tail-chasing, patellar luxation, cancer, and atopic dermatitis. Pit Bull Health Concerns: Deafness – It is not life threatening but can cause problems. Usually complete … Read moreHealth Issues

Toys And Exercise

Spring pole This is a hanging pole made for tugging and swinging. Great entertainment for dogs by themselves. It really works for pit bulls whose jaw muscles are incredibly strong. But many other muscle groups are used as well so it can be quite strenuous. For safety reasons, back legs should be able to touch … Read moreToys And Exercise

Training Tips

No matter what form of training you want to involve your pit in, the best method is to use positive reinforcement. Pits are food oriented, so making a reward food, makes them think they are playing a game and winning. Disciplining or yelling at a pit bull when he/she does not do what is directed … Read moreTraining Tips