Socializing Your Labrador

It is essential to allow your Golden Retriever to socialize with people. Different breeds act differently around humans-some are passive while some are active. Golden Retrievers are generally friendly creatures and can mingle and socialize with humans. They love the attention and love being in the spotlight. The closer a Golden Retriever is to members … Read moreSocializing Your Labrador

Lab Leash Training Tips

A healthy dog needs to exercise regularly, which means you have to take him outdoors. However, you wouldn’t want him running off with you following wildly. He may harm himself or hurt others in the process, and that is why leash training is an important part of Labrador Training. Your dog should learn how to … Read moreLab Leash Training Tips

Fitness Training

Healthy Labradors usually have a good lifespan of about 12-15 years. Like any other creature, they need proper food, regular exercise, and periodic checkups. These go a long way in keeping your Labradors fit and healthy. It is up to you, the master, to keep a close eye on your dog’s health and detect any … Read moreFitness Training