Why Not Adopt a White G Shepherd Puppy

Why Not Adopt a White G Shepherd Puppy

White German Shepherds are vastly different from other breeds of dogs and they need special training and handling. Also they are rather rare and not too cheap to buy.

Those of you considering to adopt, rescue or buy this pet have to know a few things about this great breed first.

American or Canadian White Shepherds, these are just other names, come from a breed of herding dogs, they were originally bred to guard, protect and lead herds of sheep or cattle.

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And as such they have natural instincts to be protective, dominant, and somewhat aggressive. But they are also fiercely loyal and devoted, especially if adopted or rescued when matured. They are such great working dogs that there are people training them to be rescue dogs for use in police work like search and rescues.

White Shepherds are naturally very active. And so, training the puppies should include lots of exercise. They love being mentally and physically stimulated and they enjoy challenging activities. These pups love to run, just like their ancestors used to do when herding. They have excellent noses that they use to explore their surroundings with.

Socialization is very important in for Shepherd puppy. These dogs need to be exposed to other dogs and people. They need to have lots of interactions so that they will get used to having company around. This prevents any aggression-related issues from developing in your dog.

White German Shepherd puppies need lots of exercise anyway, so why not take them to the park and let them play with other dogs. You fulfill their socialization and exercise needs at the same time. And the fact that it’s fun doesn’t hurt either. Don’t leave your dog alone in the house for long periods of time. They will get bored, frustrated and anxious. If you or your family will always be away from the house, you might want to think twice about getting any canine for a pet.

Clicker training your rescued dog is always recommended. A clicker is an item that can produce a distinct noise or sound that your puppy can easily distinguish. You can even simply snap your fingers, but that might get tiring after a while. When you want your puppy to do something and he does what you want him to, you use the clicker followed by a treat. The clicker acts like a signal that you like what your puppy did and so he gets a treat.

Eventually, even without the treat, your pet will know that what he’s doing is a good thing when he hears the clicker. Properly training adopted White Shepherd puppies will ensure that you have a good pet that’s loyal and dependable. These dogs mature slowly, so for the first few years you need to be extra patient. Don’t skimp on the tender loving care because when your puppy is all grown up you’ll be sure to enjoy long years of wonderful companionship together.

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