Pitbull Rottweiler Mix PuppiesPitbull Rottweiler Mix Puppies

There are two types of dog breeds that are responsible for the majority of deadly canine attacks in the U.S. These are Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. Over the last three years, Rottweilers were responsible for approximately 12 deaths while Pit Bulls were responsible for about […]

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Pitbull Rottweiler Mix Puppies

Are Babies & Pitbulls a Good Mix?Are Babies & Pitbulls a Good Mix?

All dogs are predisposed to certain behaviors specific to their breed. Pit bulls are no different. Puppies are adorably cute, playful, and seem very typical of a generic puppy. But pit bull puppies do play differently. Even at 7 weeks, you will notice that the pit […]

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Are Babies & Pitbulls a Good Mix?

Is Doberman With Pitbull Mix Possible?Is Doberman With Pitbull Mix Possible?

What happens if you cross a Doberman with a Pit Bull? Best way to describe it, would be to get to know some basic characteristics of both breeds. What are dobies known for? Doberman dogs are known for their graceful beauty, loyalty and as one […]

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Is Doberman With Pitbull Mix Possible?

Most Common Pit MisconceptionsMost Common Pit Misconceptions

Don’t pit bulls have locking jaws? Absolutely not!!! This myth is perpetuated by many things. First, pit bulls are known in history for being fighters, and for bullbaiting, both of which require incredible bite strength and the drive to hold on. Over the years, this […]

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Most Common Pit Misconceptions