Pitsky – a cross between Pit Bull & Husky

Pitsky a cross between Pit Bull & Husky

In Dumb & Dumber Harry tells a story how they cross bred a Bull Dog and a Shih Tzu… and the result was Bull S**t… Joking aside- Pitsky is a real deal as this is how a cross between a Pit Bull and a Husky is called. The temperament of these dogs may vary, however one thing is certain- these dogs love to play with children.

In order to get a grasp of what a Husky Pit bull mix might be like, you need to know some basic personality traits of both dog breeds.

Characteristic traits of a Pit Bull

Pits love people: The most appealing characteristic of pit bull personalities is their undying love for humans. No matter what their genetic make-up, breeding differences, and ancestry, pit bulls are incredibly devoted and loving of humans.

This is what makes chaining them outside a horrible faux pas. Pit bulls do not do well, emotionally, when they are isolated from people. Most pits love to ride in the car, and many think they are lap dogs. Most new owners insist the dog will be sleeping on the floor, but slowly the little ham works his/her way into bed. My pit sleeps every night in bed with me, his head on my arm.

This love of people is what makes pits so easy to turn into aggressors and why they deteriorate in shelters. Pit bulls are so willing to be what you want them to be, that if you want them to bark and chase people, they will find that rewarding. In animal shelters, pit bulls are a common sight.

Most shelters are very specific with who is the best adopter of a pit bull, and because a lot of people won’t even consider one, many pit bulls sit in shelters for longer periods as compared to other dogs. But because pit bulls so love human contact, being neglected in a kennel for months will take its toll on the dog mentally.

Often, pit bulls start showing unwanted behaviors and are euthanized because of this downward spiral that humans put them in. On a positive side, pits are great obedience dogs, search and rescue dogs, and will listen and feel sadness if they do something their person does not like. They are great for training using positive reinforcement and they are very smart and willing to please.

Separation Anxiety among Pit Bulls

Because of the pit’s desire to be around people, this behavior is fairly common. All pits love their people, which makes chaining them outside, a death sentence. The dogs that come into the shelter that go “crazy” are the ones that have been chained to a dog house. Pit bulls cannot emotionally handle this.

They thrive on human contact. Separation anxiety is behaviors that dogs will exhibit when their loved ones leave them. Many dogs, like people, that have had isolated lives, then are placed in loving homes become desperate for their new family not to leave them. Often they are destructive, such as tearing up pillows, chewing shoes, sofas, clothing, barking incessantly, urinating and defecating, and in extreme cases, causing injury to themselves.

In most cases, time heals the emotional trauma so that the dogs realize you are not abandoning them. You can start by leaving for 5 minutes, then returning calmly. Making the dog think you returning is not such a big deal will help. Then leave for 10 minutes, then 20, and so on. The dog will eventually realize you do come back. In severe cases, drugs are available to calm the dog while you are gone. Consult your veterinarian for options.

Characteristic traits of Huskies:

Your Siberian Husky will usually be ok just sitting next to you on the couch or sitting at your feet.  Siberian Huskies can be very mischievous and can become somewhat destructive if left alone for too long and not sufficiently exercised. Many Siberian Husky owners have found that if they aren’t able to give their Husky enough attention, then getting them another dog is a great solution. Siberian Huskies are very social dogs and like other dogs. But NOT cats. They usually hate cats, unless they grow up with one.

Siberian Husky owners have a dog who is devoted to them, their families and anyone else who drops in. They are usually good with small children, but at times they may not realize their own strength., Huskies rarely bark or acting territorial so if you expect your Siberian Husky to guard your house… forget it. Huskies are everybody’s best friend and to say they are not very good guard dog are not the best guard dogs, is an understatement.

As the sign says on my wall… Siberian Huskies aren’t pets — they are family.

Things Siberian Husky Owners Need To Be Aware Of…

Your Husky will get bored if he or she doesn’t get enough exercise. Please don’t overwork your best friend in warm weather. During warm weather it good rule for the Siberian Husky owner to exercise early in the day and then turn on the AC inside your house.

Siberian Huskies can be hard to train, but with a firm and loving hand they can be trained.

Remember that it is inborn for the husky to disobey if they think that following your order will lead them over a cliff. These are Arctic pack dogs are tough and self-sufficient. They are escape artists who love to roam. love to dig and are adept at killing small critters. Siberian Huskies need a fenced yard, and sometimes even a fenced yard won’t keep them contained. As the proud owner of a Siberian Husky be sure to microchip your best friend.

So know if you combine these to breeds you can pretty much get an idea of what a pitsky – a baby pitbull husky mix – may be like…

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