German Shepherd House Training

German Shepherd house training is of utmost important. House training your German Shepherd need to be positive and problem free from day one.

Opening the door and letting your puppy outside every couple of hours is just not enough to house train him.

Keep your new puppy in his crate, do not let him have the run of the house. They do not like to soil their sleeping area, so this should help in toilet training your German Shepherd.

German Shepherd House Training

There are some clear guidelines that need to be followed to achieve the success that you desire.

  1. You need to establish a toilet area for your puppy.
  2. Take him to his toilet area regularly about once an hour is usually good.
  3. Use a cue phrase such as “toilet time” so he gets to know that this cue is for him to empty his bladder or do his other business.
  4.  As soon as he produces the desired result. Praise him up very enthusiastically show him that you are very pleased and happy with him.
  5. Try again taking him to his toilet area in about 20minutes and follow the process above again.
  6. German Shepherds are very intelligient and he will have a strong desire to please you.

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