German Shepherd Jumping

German Shepherd Jumping

Because German Shepherds are large dogs jumping on people is a problem that needs to be avoided.

It can be a scary to a young child and embarrassing to have your dog jump up on a stranger, or even a friend or family member.
Your German shepherd may jump up on people, or furniture because you have rewarded him in the past. The reward may have even been unintentional on your part. You may have given him some attention when he did something you do not like. Be sure not to pet him, talk to him in a nice tone, or feed him after his display of bad behavior. Never associate something that he likes with something that you do not. Be stern and firm with your German Shepherd, and take-five, before you take him on that walk.

Fortunately your German Shepherd jumping is relatively easy to fix. The key here is to be an assertive leader or the alpha dog in your home. Make an artificial boundary between the door and a spot on the floor that your dog cannot pass.

When you open the door, don’t allow the dog to pass that line. Communicate to your visitors that the dog should be ignored. If he jumps on people use a calm, assertive correction and then continue to ignore him. He’ll figure it out pretty quickly as German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs.

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