Exercising your German Shepherd

How important is Exercising your German Shepherd?

Exercising your German Shepherd is a very important part of ownership of this breed of dog.  Exercising your German Shepherd must be done on a  regular basis as they need regular exercise.

Not only will exercising your German Shepherd be very good for your dog, but it will be excellent in maintaining your fitmess and health too. So you can both be fit and healthy together and get the most out of life.

When to Exercise your German Shepherd

Exercising your German Shepherd

Exercise should be done on a regular daily basis and it is a good idea to get into a routine that you and your German Shepherd come to enjoy and know.  Being the  very intelligient dog that your Shepherd is, he will soon become very familar with this routine.

Exercising your German Shepherd is a big important part of owning this breed of dog. If you and your family are unable to provide regular daily exercise for your German Shepherd, then you should rethink the breed of dog you wish to own. Regular exercise will not only help your dog physically but also mentally. Exercising your German Shepherd regularly will mean that you have a happy dog.

Exercising your German Shepherd is best done in an environment that is close to nature, they love the open spaces, and really enjoy a run. If you yourself enjoy jogging then you can exercise your German Shepherd when you take your jog. These dogs thrive when they have something to do that is keeping them active. Be warned though your dog will never tire.

Exercising your German Shepherd Puppy

Exercising your German Shepherd puppy is a slightly different story as until about the age of 12 months exercising your German Shepherd puppy should consist of short walks. Over exercising your German Shepherd puppy can cause muscle and or bone problems in later life. A German Shepherd puppy is still developing  so be careful not to over exercise your German Shepherd puppy in the first 12 months of his growth. Never tire him and just take your time. It is especially important not to  leave him exhausted after a long walk, and remember his legs are still only little so he won’t be able to keep up with you when you are jogging, so wait until he is over one year old before you take him out jogging with you. Once he is over a year old then taking him out jogging with you will provide you both with great satisfaction, fitness and could health.

How long to exercise your German Shepherd

Once your German Shepherd is over a year old, he will never tire of exercise, so he will probably lap up as much as you wish to give him. A general rule of thumb is have at least 30 minutes exercising your German Shepherd a day. So please schedule at least 30 minutes for exercising your German Shepherd into your daily regime.

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