Reservation List InformationReservation List Information

We currently have a Reservation Listfor those waiting for the following types of puppies: Mini Boxers As of 8-11-11  there are 0 people on the list Carlin Pinschers As of 8-11-11 there are 0 people on the list for Black and Tans We will only accept as […]

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Reservation List Information

Misc and Contact InfoMisc and Contact Info

IMPORTANT – BEFORE CONTACTING US – READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE!!! Breeding rights are NOT available.  Our puppies are sold as “pets”only and a strict spay/neuter requirement of new owners having these surgeries completed by a pup’s 7 month birthday is required.   If breeding rights were available, […]

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Misc and Contact Info

Why Miniaturize an existing breed?Why Miniaturize an existing breed?

Just some miscellaneous ramblings of mine . . . Why miniaturize a breed?  Well, one answer to “why?” is “why not?”  What is wrong with having a smaller version of a larger breed dog?  What is wrong with having something new and different to choose from? I LOVE the […]

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Why Miniaturize an existing breed?