Prices for Carlin Pinschers can range from $350 and can go to $1,500. Black and tan Rottweiler marked puppies are the most expensive and the average price is around $750 to $850.

Prices for Mini Boxers are typicaly $750-$950, but can range from $350 to $1,800.

Why the price differences?  Not all pups are born looking the same.  The closer the pup’s appearance is to the standard of perfection, the more expensive it will be.  Mini Boxer pups with the white “flashy” markings are more costly than ones without white markings.

Shipping can be arranged via airline services. Add $350 (minimum) to have your puppy shipped to you. (This covers the shipping kennel (not a cheap one, a premium quality one), snoozy bed, feed cups, pre-flight Vet exam and USDA Health Certificate which is required for puppies to board a plane, the airfare and transport fees to and from the vet and airport.) The use of a Personal Airline Courier or van services are alternative shipping options and those services would increase the shipping cost. Please read the page on “shipping” for more information. We have experience with shipping and receiving animals via the airlines for over 20 years and have always found it to be very safe. We would not offer to ship if we felt it was in any way unsafe or too traumatic to one of our puppies/dogs.

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