Health Problems Among White ShepherdsHealth Problems Among White Shepherds

Just like any other this dog breed also have a string of health issues. Health problems can either be caused by genetics, or can be viral in nature. As an owner, it is your responsibility to check for signs that your dog is suffering from […]

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Health Problems Among White Shepherds

Barking Problem With White ShepherdsBarking Problem With White Shepherds

Having problems with your Shepherd barking too much? Don’t worry, other people have had and most likely are still having this problem. Canine barking is completely normal. It’s how dogs communicate after all. As for White breed of Shepherds, they have long been bred as […]

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Barking Problem With White Shepherds

White Shepherd Puppy Training TipsWhite Shepherd Puppy Training Tips

White German Shepherds come from a breed of great working dogs, but they also make excellent family pets. But to truly get the best out of having a pet like this is to start puppy training as soon as possible. They are very different from […]

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White Shepherd Puppy Training Tips

Why Not Adopt a White G Shepherd PuppyWhy Not Adopt a White G Shepherd Puppy

White German Shepherds are vastly different from other breeds of dogs and they need special training and handling. Also they are rather rare and not too cheap to buy. Those of you considering to adopt, rescue or buy this pet have to know a few […]

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Why Not Adopt a White G Shepherd Puppy