Reservation List Information

Reservation List Information

We currently have a Reservation List
for those waiting for the following types of puppies:

Mini Boxers

As of 8-11-11  there are 0 people on the list

Carlin Pinschers

As of 8-11-11 there are 0 people on the list for Black and Tans

We will only accept as many reservations
as we believe we can fulfill within a 6 month period.

To secure a place in line on the list
our Reservation List Agreement needs to be signed
and mailed to us with a $150 non-refundable reservation fee. The $150 fee is applicable to the final payment for a puppy, but please note that it is

N O N – R E F U N D A B L E

The natural question people want to ask us is

“if I send in a reservation when will I get a puppy?”

Unfortunately, we cannot possibly tell you that, for several different reasons.

First, Mother Nature decides how many puppies are born in a litter. We have had a litter as small as just one puppy and our largest litter has been 11 puppies.

Second, people are on our list for different things. Some are waiting for exactly a certain sex/size/color, while others are open to either breed type, any sex, any color. So let’s say a person is #9 on our list and a litter of 5 puppies are born. Let’s say all the puppies born are males and the first 5 people on the list only want females. If person #9 were open to getting a male, then they would get a chance to get a puppy before those first 5 people.

Also, people on the list may choose to pass on making a selection when their turn comes up, within reason. Maybe they want to wait until a different time of year or maybe financially they need to wait, etc. If someone on the list chooses to pass, they remain in their place on the list, they do not go to the bottom in most cases.

We do not take reservations for Chocolate and Tan as the wait for those could be very long.  We do not breed for Blue and Tan as previous pups have occasionally had the “Blue Dog Alopecia” associated with that genes that go along with that color. 

If you would like to secure a place in line, please reque

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