Is Doberman With Pitbull Mix Possible?

What happens if you cross a Doberman with a Pit Bull? Best way to describe it, would be to get to know some basic characteristics of both breeds.

What are dobies known for?

Doberman dogs are known for their graceful beauty, loyalty and as one of the smartest breed of dogs in the world. Doberman Pinschers were originally bred Germany to be police dogs during the 19th Century; today they are one of the most respected and sought after breed of dogs in the canine family.

Many dog lovers like the Doberman dogs because they make great watchdogs, and are also very protective. They are also been used as guide dogs for the blind, as well as military dogs and pets.

The Doberman was originally developed by a German police officer by the name of Herr Louis Dobermann to accompany him on his rounds while on duty. Since this man was also the local dogcatcher, he had access to a wide variety of dogs, which he used to breed his Doberman dogs. Today’s Doberman is the result of combining a number of different breeds, including the Pinscher, Manchester terrier, Rottweilers, and Thuringian Shepherds. There are also some contributions by the graceful Greyhound, the Great Dane, as well as the Weimaraner, and the German shorthaired pointer.

Modern Doberman dogs are not as ferocious as the original breed, and can in most cases make great family pets. This breed of dog is fairly tall, standing an average of 26 inches at the shoulder; they weigh about 60 to 85 pounds, depending on if the dog is a male or a female.

This dog is known for being very muscular, with good strong legs. With Doberman dogs, the dewclaws are removed, and the tail is docked at the second join. This will usually be done within a few days after the puppy is born. Cropping the ears of the Doberman is not necessary, and in fact, is illegal in many countries, such as England and Australia. In other countries, such as the United States, cropping the ears of Doberman dogs is done to give the dog a better appearance.

If you do decide to crop the ears of a Doberman, it is important that a qualified vet perform the procedure, as it is a surgical in nature. After cropping, the ears will need to be ensure that the ears are properly taped and propped so that they heal properly and achieve the right ear carriage.

Now onto some common traits of PitBulls

Paranoid Pit Bull?

Pit bulls were designed specifically NOT to bite their handlers. Historically, this enabled the farmer to verbally or physically remove the dog from the bull without any fear of being bitten. Pit bulls are extremely intelligent and can distinguish between their handlers and their work.

Today’s breeders strive to retain this inherent quality, so that unprovoked aggression towards humans is very rare. Be aware that many pit bulls that are seen today in shelters and in cities have been bred for many generations with other breeds, with human aggressive dogs, or have been trained to be guard dogs. You cannot be sure that the dog you get will have such a high bite inhibition, especially if the history is unknown.

It is not appropriate for them to become frenzied to the point that if they ever escaped their restraint, that they would attack an innocent pedestrian. Pit bulls start showing this protective instinct at around 10 months of age. Pit bulls will naturally protect you. You don’t need to train them to do this. And NEVER chain a dog outside. All this does is creates a monster. And it’s horrible for the breed, both emotionally, and for the breed’s reputation in society.By nature, pit bulls make excellent watchdogs. But this is a double-edged sword. The characteristic that makes them so protective, also can be exploited and create very scary dogs. Owners need to be aware of their dogs. It is appropriate for pit bulls to bark when strangers walk by or approach their yard and house.

Along with their self-confidence comes stubborn behavior. Pit bulls are so intelligent and aware of their surrounding, that it can be difficult to get their unwavering attention. Pits are always on the search to do something, whether it is something you provide, or simply sitting outside on the lookout for an entertaining squirrel, or person walking 100 yards away (they have great long-distance eyesight). Because pit bulls were originally bred for bullbaiting, they are used to withstanding horrendous conditions and not giving up.

This stubbornness can show itself in many circumstances. The worst example is if a pit bit someone. The thrill of catching someone who they perceive as a threat will get their adrenaline flowing and instincts kick in. I’ve heard of people breaking their hand while punching a pit bull to get it off someone or another dog. The injuries don’t phase a pit bull that is focused.

A more positive example, is that this characteristic makes them prime for certain competitions, such as weight pulling or obedience. Pit bulls will not give up and if their owner is present urging them on, forget about it. A pit bull will win every time.

My own dog has made it through advanced obedience in record time. I watched him learn a new “trick” in 10 minutes and he’s never forgotten it. As long as you keep challenging them, pits are so stubborn that they will never give up.

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