German Shepherd Growth Chart

The German Shepherd Growth Chart below will give you a guide, as to what height and weight your German Shepherd should be at each age. Remember that each dog and every circumstance of its life environment and genetic heritage are different so this German Shepherd Growth Chart is approximate. A healthy newborn large breed pup should … Read moreGerman Shepherd Growth Chart

German Shepherd Training Tips

Every dog owner has a few things that drive them a bit crazy. If you own a German Shepherd and are wanting help with some of these behavior issues you may be having, here are five top German Shepherd training tips. 1.    Excessive Barking – German Shepherds can be extremely vocal for a number of reasons. … Read moreGerman Shepherd Training Tips

German Shepherd Barking

The bark of the German Shepherd is probably one of the best home security systems on the market and definitely something to deter an unwanted visitor or thief arriving at your home. So your German Shepherd barking can indeed be a positive attribute. German Shepherd barking is  very normal. It is their way of communicating. … Read moreGerman Shepherd Barking

German Shepherd Obedience Training

German Shepherd Obedience Training German Shepherds were originally bred for herding and guarding sheep. These dogs are strong, intelligent, agile, fast, fiercely loyal and protective, they also have terrific abilities in obedience training and this is one of the reasons German Shepherds are employed by the police and military around the world. All of these … Read moreGerman Shepherd Obedience Training

German Shepherd Jumping

Because German Shepherds are large dogs jumping on people is a problem that needs to be avoided. It can be a scary to a young child and embarrassing to have your dog jump up on a stranger, or even a friend or family member. Your German shepherd may jump up on people, or furniture because … Read moreGerman Shepherd Jumping