Training German Shepherds

Training German Shepherds is a very rewarding and satisfying task as they are such intelligient dogs and will pick up what they are taught very quickly. I came across this wonderful video on you tube and thought I’d share it with you. Check out this beautiful dog and how wonderfully trained this German Shepherd is.

German Shepherd Biting

German Shepherd biting is a very common topic for discussion and not always one that owners like to hear about. The German Shepherd has the second strongest bite amongst dogs. This should not be seen as a bad thing by you as the owner. Being the loyal protective breed they are it can definitely work … Read moreGerman Shepherd Biting

German Shepherd Shedding

German Shepherd shedding is a very common problem. In fact German Shepherd shedding you could say ranks as number one amongst dogs. German Shepherds shed constantly. Most dog breeds shed a few hairs here and there throughout the year mainly shedding twice a year for about three weeks in spring and again for about three … Read moreGerman Shepherd Shedding

Exercising your German Shepherd

How important is Exercising your German Shepherd? Exercising your German Shepherd is a very important part of ownership of this breed of dog.  Exercising your German Shepherd must be done on a  regular basis as they need regular exercise. Not only will exercising your German Shepherd be very good for your dog, but it will be excellent … Read moreExercising your German Shepherd

German Shepherd Health Problems

When it comes to German Shepherd health problems, there are many potential ailments that can catch you and your pup off guard. The results can be both emotionally devastating and expensive if they are not dealt with quickly and effectively. Instead of responding to potential health problems as they arrive, learn what you can do to … Read moreGerman Shepherd Health Problems