How To Train A Labrador Retriever

How To Train A Labrador Retriever

Dog trainers would tell you that there are many ways to train a Golden Retriever but the best and most common is using their teeth. Golden pups love to chew just to satisfy their curiosity and thus, they would get your teeth on anything to chew on.

If you do not like your pup biting and chewing anything, you can opt to get your little pup a chew toy. Though that, there are many other ways that you can help your retriever satisfy if chewing craving. Chewing is actually a natural way for pups to help in their teething process.

One of the techniques you can use is by filling up an old but clean sock with ice cubes. Tie a knot in the socks and place it in the freezer. The next time your puppy starts chewing, just let him chew on the sock. But be careful when you let your dog do this as your puppy might end up eating bits of socks and swallowing it. This would in turn lead to more health problems.


Most of us would do precisely this when we use a leash on a dog- attach it to the Golden, then drag the dog to the direction we want to go. This isn’t the right way to do it as you might be giving the wrong signals to your pup. What you should be doing is to let your pup be comfortable in his leash and collar first by putting it on him when he is in and around your house. Let him walk around in a gated area with the leash on, moving about freely with the leash by his side.

After giving him this time, your next thing to do is to call him to you. When you dog get this signal, congratulate him by patting or hugging him- this indicates to your dog that he is on the right track. Patience is needed when training as it will take your dog some time in getting used to this new technique. Always let your dog know that he is doing the right thing when he listens to your orders and does it correctly.

Digging around

Golden Retrievers love digging, as do all dogs. Though that, if you have a well looked after garden and your dog digs into that, it can get on your nerves. So instead of punishing your dog, give him his own digging space and let him know that this in the only place he can dig in. Alternatively, you can take him outdoors and allow him to dig wherever he wants at his own free will.

These tips can help in training your dog. Eventually, when the dog learns what to do and what not to do, you might not even see the need to send him to a dog obedience school. With any dog, they would need time to learn and get used to their surroundings. That is why teaching them from young is essential as the habit and lessons will stick longer and grows unto them till adulthood.

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