German Shepherd Growth ChartGerman Shepherd Growth Chart

The German Shepherd Growth Chart below will give you a guide, as to what height and weight your German Shepherd should be at each age. Remember that each dog and every circumstance of its life environment and genetic heritage are different so this German Shepherd Growth […]

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German Shepherd Growth Chart

Misc and Contact InfoMisc and Contact Info

IMPORTANT – BEFORE CONTACTING US – READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE!!! Breeding rights are NOT available.  Our puppies are sold as “pets”only and a strict spay/neuter requirement of new owners having these surgeries completed by a pup’s 7 month birthday is required.   If breeding rights were available, […]

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Misc and Contact Info

Why Miniaturize an existing breed?Why Miniaturize an existing breed?

Just some miscellaneous ramblings of mine . . . Why miniaturize a breed?  Well, one answer to “why?” is “why not?”  What is wrong with having a smaller version of a larger breed dog?  What is wrong with having something new and different to choose from? I LOVE the […]

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Why Miniaturize an existing breed?

Barking Problem With White ShepherdsBarking Problem With White Shepherds

Having problems with your Shepherd barking too much? Don’t worry, other people have had and most likely are still having this problem. Canine barking is completely normal. It’s how dogs communicate after all. As for White breed of Shepherds, they have long been bred as […]

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Barking Problem With White Shepherds

Is Doberman With Pitbull Mix Possible?Is Doberman With Pitbull Mix Possible?

What happens if you cross a Doberman with a Pit Bull? Best way to describe it, would be to get to know some basic characteristics of both breeds. What are dobies known for? Doberman dogs are known for their graceful beauty, loyalty and as one […]

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Is Doberman With Pitbull Mix Possible?

Clicker Training – Where To Start?Clicker Training – Where To Start?

Clicker training is also known as Applied Operant Conditioning. This is a scientific method developed by B.F. Skinner, the famous 20th century psychologist. He demonstrated that if a certain behavior or action is rewarded by a reinforcer, there is an increased possibility of that behavior […]

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Clicker Training – Where To Start?

How To Crate Train Your Labrador PuppyHow To Crate Train Your Labrador Puppy

Bringing a pup home is such a delight, but what is one to do when we are away at work or have to go to a party or are busy with some task? One option is to leave the dog in the house, knowing well […]

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How To Crate Train Your Labrador Puppy