Options for getting/picking up a puppy We always prefer people to come here and pick up their puppy from us in person. It gives us the opportunity to meet our puppy’s new family members in person and they in turn get to meet us and our dogs in person. One of the most enjoyable aspects … Read moreShipping

Payment Info

Payment Methods (in order of preference): Local Customers: Cash, Money Order, Check Out of State Customers: Western Union, Money Order, Cashier Check, Bank to Bank Wire Transfer. If you would like to use your credit card, we can ship air freight collect for the $225 to $250 part of the shipping.  And for payments to us you … Read morePayment Info

Dog Food Info

We feed ONLY super premium dog food and treats and we encourage our new puppy owners to do the same. Nothing but the best will do when it comes to our dogs. Our superior feeding program keeps our dogs in peak health and it’s benefits show in their glossy coats, magnificent condition (not overly fat … Read moreDog Food Info

Customers Emails/Photos

Email rec’d Feb 2010:  Just thought I would send some pictures of Gixxer, the dog I got from you guys in August of 2007. He’s been an amazing dog to me and would love to share some pictures of how he’s doing. I want to say he was a Chaco and Missy litter. He definitely looks like Chaco … Read moreCustomers Emails/Photos

Our Dogs

Gorgeous George13″ tall, 20 poundsOFA/CERF passed 100%!! Missy shown when she was 6 monthsShe is now full grown at 24 lbs, 15″ tallOFA/CERF passed 100%!! Chaco-was our first Mini Boxer stud – 35 lbs Chaco – Mini Boxer18″ tallOFA/CERF passed 100%!!