Pups $1,000 and up

What you will find on this page is the very best of our best!

All of our puppies are spectacular but every once in a while there is that puppy with that “extra something”. The puppies that are found here are the combination of exquisite good looks or exceptional personalities or both!

These are the pick of their litters.

Top Shelf!

$1,000 – Male, flashy brindle, Mini Boxer.  Rex sired.  This boy is sooo gorgeous and is a super sweetheart. He loves, loves, loves to cuddle.  He is so soft.  He has been neutered already and had all 4 puppy shots done and out of the way.  Great cost savings there.

Super Special – Take $500 off !! – so he would only be $500!

$1,000 – Male, flashy brindle, Mini Boxer.  Rex sired.   He is already neutered and all 4 puppy shots are complete.  He is a cupcake of a boy, very very very sweet natured.  Soo gorgeous and handsome.

Fall Special – Take $400 off – he would only be $600 now!

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